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Power rose like music inside me vibrating with an invigorating beat building to an apogee. It rose like an elixir of euphoria dominating my sensory system lifting my body. Even from this great height I saw it, felt it, watched it begin to rise then the ground raced towards me, breadth and water rushed and spluttered from my mouth, a viscous slow flow that dimed the stone's white glow, a strange gules hue inclining to black upon the unseen unfelt surface, not water, no, blood, my blood.

Shock leaped up like a great wave but was expeditiously overpowered by the agonizing fire that erupted in my head and beneath my rib-cage, no in it, burning through my skin as again my body was involuntarily levitated from the ground. Strangling dead fingers gripped my neck such that my gaze was forced to look down into malefic white eyes. The collective spoke:" Your endeavors are futile soul bearer. We will remove your soul then the stone, dominion will be ours." There was a disturbance in the temporal dimension, a flutter in the fabric of matter, that made both king and I turned our heads.

She was suspended in midair, the hems of her grey mantle flitted as if caught by a light breeze, except, there was no wind. It frightened me. Even the death grip of a lich king became a mere velleity to the threat that had gathered in her lucent faculties and were now poised to be unleashed. There was the briefest spatial jolt and something sped to us, I felt it more than saw it, the cerulean blaze extinguished from her eyes and mantle, living and dead became mutely still. The world shook.
It was an overwhelming quake. An unceasing tremble though the seven lich spirits surrounding me were unstirred, each static and bearing a harrowing stare. My consciousness wavered like a bad signal. Thoughts were a scramble of black and white. How can the world so big shake so violently? The wraiths were not affected, why doesn't she make it stop, please, I begged her to make it stop. The image was upright again but blurry from the tremor, still they stared, what could make the undead so rigidly afraid?, God please make it...suddenly it ceased, no, not the world...there was a tingling sensation of heat and cold climbing up my legs, not the world, fire and ice digging into my bones, they were horrified by, steam and chill rising, not the world, clawing, staring!

I screamed, not from pain, I screamed for the fear, the despair, for the lava and ice taking my body, I screamed to them, theses undead demons, to make it stop, surely they would know how to make it stop! I screamed into the empty endless night,  surely something would hear me. I stretched my hands out to her as sun and moon settled into, upon, around my heart. I choked on it, the fear, the lifelessness, the helplessness, the alien act,  as my body drifted above the ground and the blue and black veins of her staff slithered up my outstretched hands. Desperation flowed with my tears and earnestness was concentrated in my voiceless mind screams as I stared across into the black pits that were now her eyes. Merciless eyes, burned and froze my neck, I thought she was good, the tendrils opened my mouth, thought she would help me, came up my back, over my head, thought she would protect me, parted my eye lids, at least death would end this, whispered in my ear:"Let me in", madness!

I surrendered my body, soul and will. It took me, a grip behind my navel and one in front, two for my eyes, six for my heart, a hundred for my spine, ten thousand grips, ten thousand hooks and again I surrendered. They all pulled, towards the two easts and the two wests, then there was no direction, nothing but everything, light nor darkness, chaos now order, death then breadth, then there was me.
No, my body, striated all about with black and blue suspended amidst curtains of white and night. For the first time I saw them clearly, court of the wraiths, Lords and King. I felt their heat or my soul did, afloat outside of my corporeal body. I felt their power, the frenetic flow beneath the ghostly apparels adorned with more details and intricacies than can be observed by preternatural eyes. Each I measured and each was mightier than the other, lesser and greater Lords, mightiest of which was the wraith king. There was only one other equal in measure to the king and its hum was coming from the body I was no longer in.

It spoke or she spoke from within it or we both spoke for though my astral projection produced no sound I tasted every word, heard the chorus of two voices, we spoke: "I am soul warden, his soul is mine." The claim was challenged: "We will annihilate you both, then raze the world all likeness of these piddling mortal fools!" The challenge was countered. Across the obsidian pool her hand was outstretched to the elemental pebbles of which several rose, all with an inner crimson glow. My body mimicked her actions for she was me and I was her, together as one. My fingers closed into a fist as did hers upon which the stones of fallen fire converged as one mega infernal blaze which when both our bodies pointed to the king it came spiraling wild and furious towards him. The duel had resumed.

The wraith king did not even flinched as the dooming inferno flew to him, instead two of his Lords methodically moved in front of him and with two opposite swipes brought their wrists together to form an open palm which they halted the conflagration as if it were a mere ball and condensed it into a more intense chaos. The King reached towards it and it was no more. My soul gasped, they had just neutralized an Armageddon's power with little or no effort. It was our turn. The soul keeper's body moved itself into a semi-lotus position, one legged crossed the other as if sitting though there was no chair. Mine did the same in the same instant the Lich king raised his hand and our own doom descended upon us. Our hands gestured the command of a circle and the glass shield appeared once more about the keeper's body though not mine. This time I did not closed my eyes but watched the burial of my body beneath the down pour of torrential fire.

But rather than being disseminated and diminished like all fallen things the catastrophic flames entered into a distinct pattern of whirlwind motion obscuring my body. A voice erupted as a loud echo in my head: "Retrieve  the stone, hurry!" I looked towards it reached for its god-like signature, this time it alighted faster, more eager to be awaken and rose from its imprisoning pits. He knew so the others also knew. They were given new commands, must have been for seven wraiths now surrounded my astral form. My connection with the stone wavered as fear once more clawed at my will. Her voice emerged again louder and more pressing, a grave intone more ominous than the abominable display of powers about us:"If you do not win the stone now, then our fate and all others will be severed right here and now, in a single stroke. Do not let darkness condemn us for another millennia. Hurry!"

I folded my self into a semi-lotus position, white robes parted, the stone rose closer, brighter, the whirling fire caught a new breadth that converted wild red to a white concentrate. Chains emerged from their open robes, there hooks gripped deep into my essence and this time there was no body to repossess or alternate form to evolve into, this would be ultimate destruction. Now the fear could not be dispelled so I used its power to guide my purpose, the stone drew closer, whiter. The wraith king scream his command and his lords ripped with all ferocity, the swirl of burning light expanded then exploded out the same instant the stone breached the borders of the immaterial and entered the circular plane of existence where its light was caught in the jaws of the spreading havoc that no longer knew wielder or castor, it was a devastating master of its own, consuming one and all...


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It tumbled along the stone path, a gentle rise and fall, its orange and yellow made warmer in the sunlight. Then the wind rushed over the trees like ghostly galloping horses, caught it with a great rush upon the path and sent it travelling with great speed towards the forgotten tower. It stood like a monstrous troll that had turned to stone in the morning light, waiting to be awaken, waiting with an ugly frown for a star to fall and let the curse be undone.

As if the troll tower knew it was there it grew angrier, more and more so until the clouds became restless and disordered, clustering together, spreading a grey gloom over the land and sky. In the veiling shadows,  its magic was shed and it transformed into a most curious person, small as a leaf, dressed in pale yellow tunic and trousers beneath an orange cloak. There was more magic, had to be, for then he pulled a slender wooden staff from beneath his cloak-a little taller than his head. With it, he made a great leap onto the first terrace of the tower, then again to the second and third, and finally to the ancient tower top.

He pushed back his hood from his cloak to reveal a silver crown set upon his head, the center and foremost of which twinkled a blue jewel. This jewel he took and set it in the middle of the ruined fountain that stood upon the tower. When he struck it with his staff a bright blue line of light shot up to the sky and pierce the gathering storm above. This time the land was bathed in an eerie saxe glow. His voice fell like a whisper upon the wind as he twirled a silver wisp of magic betwixt his fingers while his staff hovered in front of him and when he blew the wisp upon it the staff became a sliver bow. He touched the vertical filament of light and it shattered into a floating sea of twinkling specs all about him. It was as if he was surrounded by thousands of tiny blue will-o-the-wisps. He caught one and where he touched it to his bow there an arrow appeared. He drew it and aimed at the firmaments in the very instant the dark shadow arose and descended upon him, winged, ferocious and screeching.

A monstrous bird with terrible talons, as black as night except for those white haunted eyes screeched and clawed at him. He was too nimble for it shooting his magic arrows rapidly and with good aim. But when they touched the monstrous winged thing it burst into a brilliant blaze that made it recoil but a little though never doing any real damage. The attack of the monster bird was furious and unceasing and he grew tired barely dodging sometimes until it caught him in its talons and flung him from a great height upon the tower. The blow took the fight out of him and he turned himself over to see the winged shadow with dead white eyes ascended then plummeted with wrathful speed to deliver its death stroke as he laid lifelessly there...

The air trembled from the disturbance of its descent whilst all the blue orbs gathered to him, he reached for them, it screeched, drew the arrow, closer now, and let loose a shoot of fierce luminescence. It missed. The world slowed as the elysian arrow passed its ghastly face and limned its white eyes with a deathly dreadful glow, then raced to the sky. His death came ever closer, as big as a mountain with a scream like thunder, he closed his eyes when the flash erupted for where the arrow pierced the sky's smoky mountains, lightening descended.

It struck the shadow demon seconds away from delivering its impending doom and it burst into white flames. But its body did not fall to the tower, instead it blazed in mid air, folding in upon itself until it was a white orb, burning with a sundry of colors. He stood then and watched the flames fade to leave a clear crystal orb twice his size, levitating before him. By his own sorcery did his bow became a staff once more which he gently extended to the glass orb. When it was touched by the magic flash, the crystal orb shattered into a spectrum of radiance spiraling outwards and just as quickly was drawn back in as a dazzling implosion.

He uncovered his eyes to behold before him an illustrious phoenix, its fiery plumes arrayed in all the colors of the rainbow. He bowed to it and it returned the courtesy before landing for him to mount and soon they were in flight as a burning comet streaking through the wind.  

The phoenix landed upon the castle's immense wall, black and ominous as the shadows that crept from it. The castle itself was invisible only to be seen in moonlight. At that moment though, it lay hidden, for nothing could undo the thunderous storm brewing overhead, neither stars nor moon. The storm seemed gentle to his foreboding that something more terrible lurked near, frightful as night and minacious as fire. He held his breadth when he heard its growl, the wall immense as it was trembled with its every step, fear and death were coming.

He threw himself to the ground as fire spewed treacherously towards him. It came forth massive and mighty as a tower, black as sin, hell's inferno burning within, the feigned dragon of Morguring. The Sidhe Prince rose to meet it and when the dragon breathed its fire again the phoenix countered with  flames of her own. With a swipe of his staff, phoenix fire encircled him, a white shield against the red fury. The dragon bellowed in anger, raised its head and aimed its infernal vengeance at the Prince's Phoenix. The fire held within its gaping jaws was given a deeper breadth of malevolence such that it was unleashed as a ball of foredoomed conflagration. The phoenix transformed itself into an opposing sphere of white light and when the two powers met naught survived. His phoenix was vanquished. The dragon's stare once more turned upon him, a vitriolic glow of imminent nemesis.

He raised his hood and with a grand sweep of his staff a great swirl of sorcery engulfed him. The transmogrifying whirlwinds evaporated to reveal his body donned in silver armor, an imposing knight armed and shielded. At the next thunder clap, sword and talons met, shield with fire, malice with magic clashed and clamored in battle. They matched stroke for stroke, cunning with cunning until the dragon misjudged the speed of its opponent and took a grim blow to one wing and another to its leg. In the haze of a seemly victory, the Prince miscalculated his enemy and never perceived the swiftness with which the dragon whipped its tail until it smashed through his armor and injected a mortal venom into his chest. The combatants parted, the dragon retreated injured and limped while the Prince fell to his ruin.

As his life's footsteps stepped further away from where he lay white flames burst from thin air and his phoenix flew to him, she was not vanquished only had vanished, a feint, providential and prepense. She landed and laid her body upon his to proffer her greatest gift and strongest weapon. Once her light had completely diffused into him her body fell away as ash caught and scattered by a passing breeze sodden with much rue and woe. He rose again with an injurious heart tormented by the prickly torn of grief that was so deeply seated there. 
Nevertheless, he rose, anguished but with new life and new resolve. With silver bow once again in his hand, he faced his enemy,  and felt the hellish heat of a dragon's breadth churning with the deepest evil the horrendous monster can muster. The Andromeda's kiss. It bore a purple tinge from its raging intensity and would incinerate bone, stone and steel. It raised itself mightily upon its hind legs, wings spread, jaws bared to release its ultimate weapon...annihilation came swift and silent, then the wall and all were blasted asunder. 

A sparkle up high caught its sight but by the time its gaze was focused an arrow of white victory fled from the Prince's bow and pierced its dark heart. The phoenix had not only given him her life but also her prowess of flight. He landed near the dragon's body and with a touch of his staff he drew the spirit's fire from its heart and tamed it into a fire stone. His quest was completed, the fire jewel will take the place of the blue one that was taken from his crown. The powers of dragon flame will revive his people's diminishing sorcery, a new light in the enclosing darkness, warmth, power and life for another one thousand years. The mystical smoke of the concealing spell once more wrapped itself about him so that when it vanished where had stood a prince was now a leaf, its orange and yellow ever brighter as it sailed upon the wind, cloaked in secret, flying back to its secret dwelling with secret fire for the grim winter coming.

The light peered through fading clouds to sit upon the garden wall where a black cat slept like a dead dragon, then flew down and raced to the old stone bird bath, as if an ancient tower, made ugly and crooked like a troll from weathering and neglect, standing amidst the stir of fallen autumn leaves that covers the garden's winding path, sailed up the side of the house, through the window and stung my eyes, waking me,  spilling the magic of my daydream.

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