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"Umraculo factum sidere, imperium hoc auteum ostium revertere ,nisi tetigit me aut die!" The bolts barred themselves, closed by the shadows cast from starlight only to be undone by her touch or be overcome by day. The spell's power would preserve bolt to door and door to wall, wall to adjoining walls, all encompassing such that mere force or any force could undo its command.

Command, if only she could exert such power over all else then the towers of moon and the dungeons of dragons would cease their war and be in peace as one. But the fates did not grant her such sovereignty, so now she must build secret bridges over dark waters and call upon deeper magic hidden in ancient skies. The mirror, it could only take her so far, it could not give her what she needed. With that thought reconciled in  her mind's covenant she looked to it, Ehru-mirror of lights-majestic and haunting as a flow of watery moonlight shimmering down the dark stones of the tower's wall.

A single tear she took from the pool beneath her lids and touched the spirited mirror. Thus, with a single ripple its azure waves became lifeless silver. The secrets held in silver light may only be waken by blood that's true so with ruby fingers she called forth the magic of Ehru. When the blood insignia was formed and the royal command was given:

                                        "dimmitte obscuro recluderet quod lucem habet latet",
                                                                                                                         light depart to reveal the night it had hidden.

Her robe fell to her feet as she step through the portal gate onto the highest peak of the Aurumien mountain. The moon was high and all was bathed in a spirit's pale light except where its rays touch the falling waters, there diamonds fell into Elindur-pool of falling stars. The mists were forever gathered about Cafru (Sky throne of Aurumien) so that it was as if the clouds held the pinnacle aloft and to the mountain. She felt the soft damp moss cushioned her soles and a wandering breeze brush her skin, played in her hair and whispered something gaily until it went on its way again. 

The bite of the cold may have burned her flesh but there was a fire burning within, a fire she has long been holding, growing. A fire kindled by a dragon, the most phenomenal of flames, the darkest of sin a moon princess can indulge in. Princess she is, lady of the Baradthil (kingdom of the moon), daughter of Aranthil (High king of the moon), heir of the Elenithil (Sovereign crown of the stars). For the majesty of stars to love an abominable dragon was as if a demon was beloved by an angel at least in her fathers's eyes-heaven could never endear hell-it was sacrilege, an unspeakable atrocity, Godless!

But her love for him burned with a golden flame in the shadowy keep of her soul and neither the Valenkalina minatorns of Baradthil or the Draakhlok dungeons could contain it. Her pale grey eyes were alight as if with a sprinkle of crystals as the light from Elindur's descending diamonds danced across the pellucid surface. Then time stood still, all were motionless, water, mists and wind, the waxing blue ascended from the pool's watery depths where a man may reach the stars and angels' path to earth descended in, her beloved was coming.

She held her breadth as the waters part and fell from his head, trickled down golden hair, down symmetrical features of a face she imagined was perfected by a God's touch. The azure glow rose with him for it was of him, sapphire tattoos of the Olinvian- ancient script of remnant powers from the elder dragons. It was a ribbon of mosaic runes so intricately interlaced there was wonder in what made it and of what intelligence. It vined from his neck across his broad shoulders then twined down his arms and into two rings before slithering crisscross down to the middle finger. A branch from the shoulders also parted then rejoined as a v at the centre of his back to follow his spine then parted at the spine's end and traced the firm muscles of his rump, circled twice his right thigh and stopped but circled thrice his left thigh and ended behind his left knee. The mystical calligraphy striped thrice his ribs on either side, conjoined just below the navel to move as one before parting again to caress the grooves of his groin before rejoining the thigh rings. When he was fully emerged from the water and glided across the pool onto mountain gravel and moss, only then did he opened his cerulean eyes, only then did her breadth leave the clench of  her body, only then did time set flow again falls, mists, wind and blood. The Olinvian glow faded from his markings leaving them as a hue a shade lighter than his eyes.

She watched his massive body moved to her, the flex of naked muscles well defined, the steady rise of his chest down to the length of his cock, a bare back beast. Her nipples piqued and her fires inside rushed to explode between her legs. He lifted her chin to peer into the depths of her eyes as her name rumbled sweetly off his tongue, "Ethilia". When their lips met by the kiss, the heavens rumbled and hell trembled at the passion forged between the Prince of Dragon and the Empress of stars, only few have loved like this.

She felt the heat of his manhood swollen against her belly, stroking her moistened flesh intensifying the internal ache, then the fat head of his cock was forcing her pulsating flesh apart until it was so deep her legs were spread too far for standing, so he lifted her onto to it. When she had fully mounted her stallion the thrusts of his heat strokes was more ecstatic than any ride.
The ferocity of a dragon rode inside her as her grip on hair and nails in flesh tightened to take in more. She had wrapped both legs around him as he rammed the full length and force of his thick shaft inside her, again and again and again, until the cosmos exploded within and around them.

"Naurluin", he fondled her as they lay in the soft dew satisfactorily tired from their love making, "why does worry furrow your brows?" He smiled and gently kissed her but after the kiss his face was grim as death. "This, my lady of moonlight, maybe our last meeting, the Dragon king is ready for war. I cannot delay my father any longer".

"And the Baradthil will answer my prince, the Minatorns will be commanded at the maximum of there sorcery when the crypts of Draakhlok unleash its infernos." 

"No my lady, there is something else, something I did not tell you, cannot tell you, dark and powerful"...such was his dismay his countenances had become distorted with despair. The beat of her heart quickened, for Naurluin was no bearer of fear but whatever this new enemy is... she touched his faced and made him look into her eyes with all hope that he saw strength not weakness there. "Whatever darkness begets light will ruin and conquer!"

"Not this my lady, my love, my life, not this, it is ruin itself, impeded by neither sea nor mountain and it is darker than the deepest chasm, not without all the stars of heaven as your army could you fight this, the Valenkalinas will need more than one moon to conquest this".

"What is it?",  she asked.     "I'm the crowned prince of the Draakhlok, the magic of the Olinvian is strong within me, I cannot willingly divulge so staunch a secret without waking every dragon in the Naurlem (Chasms of fire). But I can tell you this, the darkness will be sent forth first to riddle and weaken, then the Dragon lord will raise the heavens, you must fight both mountain and skies my lady".

"Speak  no more before the King's Dragon watch senses your treachery and pierce the cloak of the vale". He laughed then. "Even the dark sight of Herumorda cannot contend with the powers of both Ehru and Cafru, the vale is safe from such evil for now. Together, the moon and mountain are mighty to contest with".

"So why do you question our strength?"  "Because a moonless mountain cannot hold back the deluge of both fire and night. Let me take you now Ethilia, away from here, let me keep you safe until the malice of the apocalypse has diminished and light reawakens. Let me protect you my love".

This time she kissed him and smiled, "No my prince, I will stand with my father, and fight for my people but most of all, never has night nor fire defeated the love of a woman and I'm no ordinary woman. I am Ethilia Anarileen, Lady of the Moon towers and Heir to the crown of Elenithil, your darkness will have to contend with me". She saw her resolution burned with the same fierceness in his cerulean eyes and knew in her heart he will stand with her to the very end, he was her dragon and mighty as they may be, no dragon has ever flied higher than the moon.

They made love again beneath lamps of the firmament, high in the Aurumien mountains. When they said there goodbyes and he had descended back into the reaching waters of Elindur, she turned to her mirror with new purpose. Let Draakhlok send forth its shadows, they will be matched against the powers of the seven towers and an army of stars!
Towers of Moon and Dungeons of Dragons
Back story of a novel I'm writing
Jittery feet rose from the ground,
where numbness had once mingled,
an electric tingle,
ran from toes to crown. 

Hair was stirred,
as body swirled,
the world went round and round,
slow and soothing,
skin burned but soul was cooling,
heartbeat quickened to a silent sound!

When lips depart,
hearts restart,
in that moment,
breadth was lost
but love was surely found!


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It woke me, someone had touched my feet with their iced cold fingers. I hated that, the only thing-besides dripping water-that can awaken me from deep sleep is touching the sole of my feet. I woke with a start and then began shouting at the idiot only as slumber fell from my eyes, I felt like the idiot. There was no one there except for a gentle breeze and the blue moon peeping through the fluttering curtains.

But I had felt it, those cold fingers. Even the spell of cutis anserina still lingered and was invoked once again; this time out of fear from the sheer strangeness of it. Perhaps my sister was being a fool, so I dared a look under the bed. The moonlight crept halfway under it, after which I stared into shadow. But there, where the light ended was a contorted piece of shadow. Shouldn't it have ended evenly, light then even darkness? My goose bumps rose again and fear rooted me in the position while my mind screamed to look away. What could it be? The curtain rustled and it looked at me.

My heart fell out. Eyes! There were glowing eyes! Move! I had to move, but the only thing that did was the adrenaline borne sweat of horror down my nose. It fluttered again, Oh god, again, blue eyes in a dead blue face. I screamed at it and fell out of the bed. There were soft whimpering sounds and heavy breathing. Was it hurt? Alive? Or me? Oh god I was whimpering and panting! And being an idiot. Maybe it was a doll, yes, my sister's doll. My subconscious replied: your sister has no dolls now that she's a teenager.

Maybe she had gotten one, she was weird, and lost it under my bed, she was also careless. I  reached for the flashlight noting that I can also used it as a weapon. Lord help my insanity, I prayed, as I crouched again to take a better look-only the brainless would look again and not run-so I looked. There was nothing there...until it brushed me!

I fumbled to my feet, dropped the torchlight, staggered a little; all the while trying to get a good view of the space in front of me. It had brushed me from behind while looking under the bed. My heart was racing, the shadows, in the shadows where the closet was, oh God, near the door. I couldn't see it but I felt it. Light, I needed light!. The torchlight had rolled away when I dropped it. I couldn't get near enough to the door, If only, it looked so close and oh dear Father it was staring at me again. In the shadows, those blue eyes, mother please, unblinking, angry, dead eyes.

I screamed at it to leave me alone but the words were formed in my head and choked in my throat as tears silently began to flow. They blurred my vision and it was gone. I hurriedly wiped my eyes, gone, it was gone. Light! I fumbled for the window, the moonlight was bright. I slowly walk backed keeping a sharp eye on the shadows until it spoke: "Please"

Shock blustered coordination and I fell back and rolled over into a sitting position facing the moonlit window and leered at the blue eye shadow. It was a short shadow, a child's shadow, it came to me, my insides were trying to leave, she walked towards me, the lassitude now ran deep, reached a hand for me, I gasped at her touch.

It was the touch of death! Cold. Deathly cold fingers pressed against my cheek. "Pleeease, I'm so cold." My hands moved of their own accord. My fingers touched her little hands and she folded herself into my lap and cradled her head against my chest. My arms moved to cuddle her frigid little body while mine felt like it would freeze. My breadth came as misty heaves as I rocked her back and forth, back and forth, so cold, back and forth, so little, back and forth, so cold, until the numbness spread and the darkness took over.

Andrew! ANDREW! God!, who was shouting my name? I woke, my mother was patting my face with a look of utter alarm on hers. Andrew, what are you doing on the floor? I was... she was gone! "And you're so cold, Did you sleep like that all night?"
Mom helped me back into bed and tucked me in again. She gave me one last quizzical look the left with the promise to bring back some hot cocoa. A shadow passed over the room, I turned on my right and looked into blue eyes. "Thank you." I blinked and all was once more bathed in light that was now not of moon but morning star. When the adrenaline rush had passed and I started breathing once again I too said thank you: to God!

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