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Perfect. It is as good as it can possibly be. Faultless. Flawless. Consummate. No room for improvements. Is there, in fact, anyone or anything that is perfect? The popular answer is "no" and perhaps rightly so. Then why does the word exists? If nothing is perfect why was the word even coined? Perhaps it so we can all go around saying nothing is perfect? All is flawed. All that we see has flaws. We can never over look it. We can never call anything perfect because in someone else's eyes there is bound to be seen some imperfection. We must always remember and remind about the flaws. 

Well excuse me world, while I step aside and disagree with you all. I do not deem my self perfect and I am certainly well aware of my flaws. But there are some things in this world I can safely say is perfect to me. I say "fuck you" to this universal decree that humans have:"nothing is perfect". I think if everyone stops seeing everything as damaged there would be less depression and discord in the world.

Flaws exists and will always exists but it is not always a bad thing. It is from flaws that we get divergence, uniqueness, experience, discoveries, evolution. It does not mean you have to find it everything or that you cannot call anything perfect. Time and again you may come across something that is so awesome, so original, so serene, so talented it is ok to say it is perfect. Even if you're the only one that believes it.

Is the night sky with its shimmering stars not perfect? Could you improve it? Are the birds not perfect? Or would you fashion them in a better way? Is the way we love not perfect, or could you teach us to love in some improved way? Are the things that god made not perfect or could you do better? 

Is every art work in deviant art flawed? Of course they are, we can critique every one. But they are all not ours, not all conceived in our minds, not all written with our thoughts or perspectives, not all painted with our strokes or choices of colors. It is the flaws that makes the artists' design original, their flaws that drives their improvements and refine their awesomeness. So forgive me if I overlook a strayed stroke or a typo, but when I say that it is perfect then it is flawless. If I believe it then it is.

Sometimes you can call yourself perfect, because despite all your flaws, you continue to live everyday making it work and no one else can work it like you. Do our flaws perfect us?-hardly, but we each and everyone have perfected our flaws, one way or the other. I have perfect flaws, therefore I am perfect and no one can convince me otherwise. Though you may not believe it yourself, in my eyes, maybe the only eyes in all of humanity, you are perfect too because there is nothing I can change in you. What you change in yourself is just another level of perfection to me. 

Perfect exists and it is quite okay to point it out when you see it. What level of perfection it is at is quite up to you but don't kill yourself or another for every little defect. If God did that then we would all be annihilated. 

Next time the sun let fall its rays upon you and fate allows you to pull fresh air into your lungs then forget the world and bask in your perfection. You can be as imperfect as you want to be when you're dead. Life is too short and precious to spend it always finding flaws. 

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