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I held with dear life to her as we descended the fathom stair into barren darkness, for the world was gone and the grasp of her enlivened bones steadied my heart as we descended through...nothing. It felt weightless, not even sure of whether we were walking or falling. There was aught I could see as she lead me even further down, I was certain we had drowned until a  light appeared below us and when we fell through, there was ground.

My body felt like it was hanging upside down all the while and had just righted its self or the world had abruptly flipped over, it was dizzying. Never!, did we ascend yet there the stairs lay behind us, slithering into the ground, madness!, my head spun.
We were beckoned by a soft shimmer of light not far off. It spilled onto the gravel from the perpetual dance of a white ripple across the pellucid obsidian surface of a pool. It came to me unbidden, the eerie vibe of those still waters, it holds a secret so frightening it was hidden at world's end. 

The void's edge, yes, for some how I knew in the night that rose beyond the weeds surrounding the pool nothing existed except those who are the secret's keepers. Looking upon those reeds made me shudder, tall and limned with a grey pallor from the pool's glistening surface, for the thought crawled from the crypts of my mind: if what lingered beyond decided to part them and find us they would be...unnatural.

She drew me to the water's edge covered with glass pebbles whose translucent depths encased some arcane force therein, now only a whisper of its ancient power. Her voice fell upon me like a  ghost, passing through flesh and bone:" These are the jewels of the fallen skies, dew drops from heaven and in them are fragments of elemental power, some fire, some ice, some wind, lightening. But sometimes one would fall of special potency, in it lies a sovereign element, its dominion lies over all other elements that rains from the lower heaven. A soul stone, born from the death of 10,000 stars."

"Six stars loose their light this night but when they fall the descent will make them one, heralding their sisters who too had lost their grace but lingered on, beneath the fabrics of shadow, embers waiting for the blaze of their rebirth. The final six of ten thousand, falls now." It was as if something cataclysmic had exploded far away, the water trembled, the white glister disintegrated into minute shards, when I raised my head it was as if every star in the cosmos flew with terrible speed towards us, I perceived beauty true, I surrendered my soul to stark fear, divine powers I now overwhelmingly knew.

The heat of the celestial shower cascaded down my skin and oh mercy!, they would soon be upon us, I heard their roar, I never knew darkness could scream that way, shrieks of agony as its layers were ripped away, then they began to spiral in a greater, more soul gripping display, gargantuan things should not move like that!

She embraced me, not to comfort my flabbergasting fears, but to feel another so she may stay her own. It was as if they were caught in a massive funnel falling with the weight of a mountain, the force incalculable for our brains short circuited its signals and failed at our knees as we collapsed into the gravel beneath us. Grey hand raised a black staff as a legion of suns plunged into a vortex of chaotic light, veins as cerulean as her eyes raced in convolutions to the top of the staff and the crystal pebbles rose with it. They encircled us as another ancient power was awaken and melded themselves into a molten sphere but the light bolt pierced even our shield's moire glass and shattered our souls when its cosmic fist fell upon world's end...


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It woke me, someone had touched my feet with their iced cold fingers. I hated that, the only thing-besides dripping water-that can awaken me from deep sleep is touching the sole of my feet. I woke with a start and then began shouting at the idiot only as slumber fell from my eyes, I felt like the idiot. There was no one there except for a gentle breeze and the blue moon peeping through the fluttering curtains.

But I had felt it, those cold fingers. Even the spell of cutis anserina still lingered and was invoked once again; this time out of fear from the sheer strangeness of it. Perhaps my sister was being a fool, so I dared a look under the bed. The moonlight crept halfway under it, after which I stared into shadow. But there, where the light ended was a contorted piece of shadow. Shouldn't it have ended evenly, light then even darkness? My goose bumps rose again and fear rooted me in the position while my mind screamed to look away. What could it be? The curtain rustled and it looked at me.

My heart fell out. Eyes! There were glowing eyes! Move! I had to move, but the only thing that did was the adrenaline borne sweat of horror down my nose. It fluttered again, Oh god, again, blue eyes in a dead blue face. I screamed at it and fell out of the bed. There were soft whimpering sounds and heavy breathing. Was it hurt? Alive? Or me? Oh god I was whimpering and panting! And being an idiot. Maybe it was a doll, yes, my sister's doll. My subconscious replied: your sister has no dolls now that she's a teenager.

Maybe she had gotten one, she was weird, and lost it under my bed, she was also careless. I  reached for the flashlight noting that I can also used it as a weapon. Lord help my insanity, I prayed, as I crouched again to take a better look-only the brainless would look again and not run-so I looked. There was nothing there...until it brushed me!

I fumbled to my feet, dropped the torchlight, staggered a little; all the while trying to get a good view of the space in front of me. It had brushed me from behind while looking under the bed. My heart was racing, the shadows, in the shadows where the closet was, oh God, near the door. I couldn't see it but I felt it. Light, I needed light!. The torchlight had rolled away when I dropped it. I couldn't get near enough to the door, If only, it looked so close and oh dear Father it was staring at me again. In the shadows, those blue eyes, mother please, unblinking, angry, dead eyes.

I screamed at it to leave me alone but the words were formed in my head and choked in my throat as tears silently began to flow. They blurred my vision and it was gone. I hurriedly wiped my eyes, gone, it was gone. Light! I fumbled for the window, the moonlight was bright. I slowly walk backed keeping a sharp eye on the shadows until it spoke: "Please"

Shock blustered coordination and I fell back and rolled over into a sitting position facing the moonlit window and leered at the blue eye shadow. It was a short shadow, a child's shadow, it came to me, my insides were trying to leave, she walked towards me, the lassitude now ran deep, reached a hand for me, I gasped at her touch.

It was the touch of death! Cold. Deathly cold fingers pressed against my cheek. "Pleeease, I'm so cold." My hands moved of their own accord. My fingers touched her little hands and she folded herself into my lap and cradled her head against my chest. My arms moved to cuddle her frigid little body while mine felt like it would freeze. My breadth came as misty heaves as I rocked her back and forth, back and forth, so cold, back and forth, so little, back and forth, so cold, until the numbness spread and the darkness took over.

Andrew! ANDREW! God!, who was shouting my name? I woke, my mother was patting my face with a look of utter alarm on hers. Andrew, what are you doing on the floor? I was... she was gone! "And you're so cold, Did you sleep like that all night?"
Mom helped me back into bed and tucked me in again. She gave me one last quizzical look the left with the promise to bring back some hot cocoa. A shadow passed over the room, I turned on my right and looked into blue eyes. "Thank you." I blinked and all was once more bathed in light that was now not of moon but morning star. When the adrenaline rush had passed and I started breathing once again I too said thank you: to God!

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